About Us

The Memory

Coffee drinker. Delivery Driver. Station wagon lover.

Social Butterfly. 

Although he has been gone since 2004, not a day goes by that Bob/Bobby/or Poppa isn't thought about. With a relationship with every "under taker" in town, Bob Johnson was the familiar face doing most of the deliveries for years. He helped start and build Johnson Florist and was the one who could fix any situation that arose. He was an expert in cutting styrofoam or bascially anything tedious, making grits on cold afternoons, wiring roses, and finding that one home that was impossible to find on a delivery run prior to GPS. He was the salt of the earth and the light of our family. We miss the clicking of his shoes, the wave in his hair, his short sleeve button up shirts, the reflection of his giant Christmas tree in his oversized 70's glasses, his white legs, and most importantly his smile and kindness. Although "the face " of our business is gone, we know if he were here he would be right in the middle of every event doing a little fussing along the way! 

The Matriarch

Owner. Trailblazer. Entrepreneur. Visionary. 

During a time when women didn't start businesses, Adel Johnson started Johnson Florist at the age of 19 years old out of her home. She eventually purchased the property where Johnson Florist resides today and built not only the buildings, but her business within the community. She prides herself on the company's design work but also the ability to serve the community in which she lives. She refers to the business as a "ministry" and has enjoyed rejoicing with customers during happy times and has cried with them during times of sorrow. At the age of 90, she enjoys coming into the store as often as she can!

The Workhorse

Lead Designer. Multi-tasker. Extrovert. 

An East Carolina grad, Emily Jones is the 2nd generation floral designer who cannot be matched with her expertise and speed. What three can do in an hour, Emily can do in less than 30 minutes. Emily is the backbone of the design team focused on large installations, daily arrangements, permanent florals, and so much more. Working in the business for over 40 years, she is the glue that holds the business together and is responsible for everything from delivering, banking, floral designing, buying, merchandising and the list continues. The true jack of all trades.  

The Innovator

Networker. Creative designer. Event Focused. Millenial.

Summer Johnson Jones Hudson is a 3rd generation floral designer, retired from corporate retail, NC State Wolfpack millenial. Summer uses her 7 year experience in corporate buying to maximize profitability and promote advertising and social media opportunities.  In addition, her focus is on expanding opportunities within the business in the areas of Christmas specialized decor, weddings and events.  Summer is an ever evolving and growing floral designer focused on trend, the customer experience and company branding. 

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